Are you Doing all you can to Enhance How you communicate virtually? 

Meetings and presentations that used to happen in person now routinely happen online.  And that won’t change anytime soon.

Here’s the hard truth:

  • People are much more likely to forget what is said during a virtual meeting.
  • People have shorter attention spans in virtual meetings.
  • The lack of in-person social cues can lead to miscommunication and an inability to “read the room.”

The Good News?

There are many simple things you can do to improve your virtual communication skills!

  • Easy tweaks in lighting, framing, background and eye contact can significantly change how you are perceived. 
  • You can ask more questions as you speak to help transform your audience from passive listeners to active listeners.  Active listeners are more likely to remember what you have to say.
  • You can engage in shorter back-and-forths that are more dynamic, easier to follow and more engaging. 

What Else Can You Do?

Contact Kathleen Friery Media Training to schedule a workshop and learn all the do’s and don’ts of COMMUNICATING WITH POWER IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD.  

“Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.”
– Dorothy Sarnoff