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What They’re Saying About Us

Kathleen is a master at shaping a message. A veteran television news producer, she knows how to deliver an idea and make it stick. I learned so much working with her, and like any great teacher, her advice can really change your life. She’s smart and fun and has an arsenal of useful tips and valuable insights that will enable you to communicate more effectively, whether it’s on TV, online, or speaking to a group. She’ll help you quickly figure out what you want to say, and how to say it with confidence, credibility, and focus. There is no one better, or better to work with.

– Anderson Cooper, Anchor, CNN

Kathleen is a brilliant communicator with an uncanny sense of what works with audiences of all kinds. A story-telling savant and master in the art of persuasion, Kathleen sharpens every message; delivers results and exceeds expectations. Smart, funny, and fearless, she is a proven team player and winner.

– Ben Sherwood, President, Disney | ABC Television Group

When I first met Kathleen, I was a bundle of on-air nerves. She gave me easy to follow exercises to get rid of them. To this day, I hear her voice in my head and regularly use her tips for communicating effectively. She’s my beacon whenever I hit bumps in this business!

– Sara Haines, co-host, The View

Kathleen is not only highly intelligent, she KNOWS what works in media. She has impeccable judgement and instinct. I trusted her with every decision she made. You would be lucky to work with her because she will give you more than you expect. Kathleen will not steer you wrong. She’s a pro. Heed her advice. I always did!

– Connie Chung, Network Anchor

Thanks to Kathleen, I was able to vanquish a lifelong fear of public speaking. Kathleen helped me craft and deliver presentations that were powerful and effective. She has a genius for helping authors shape a message, and for offering strategies on how to deliver that message so it sticks. Her advice – on pacing, emphasis, on handling Q & A’s from both friendly and hostile interviewers – has been invaluable. Several years on, I still find myself referring to our session notes.

– Katherine Stewart, Author & Journalist

Kathleen’s encouragement and razor sharp observations allow her to teach and inspire any audience. Vital Voices was grateful to have her as a trainer for the Fortune-U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership where up-and-coming international businesswomen are paired with top American female executives. Kathleen led communications trainings for 21 businesswomen from 15 countries during the Orientation Program. Her public speaking and elevator pitch trainings were two of the most highly rated sessions, providing participants with the invaluable tools needed to successfully grow their networks and create business synergies. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone looking for an impactful communications coach.

– Shereen Tewfik, Program Manager, Global Leadership Programs, Vital Voices

There’s so much information out there –whizzing by and floating around – it’s often difficult for non-profit organizations to come up with a clear message and succinct talking points. No one is better at honing that message for our staff – in a simple, direct and articulate way – than Kathleen Friery. Her years of network experience allow her to cut through the organizational and academic jargon, pluck out the important messages, and then teach people how to best and most directly communicate those messages. Kathleen has helped everyone she’s coached, by tailoring her sessions to each staffer’s individual strengths and expertise. She has made our organization better and more effective.

– Michael Rosen, Autism Speaks, EVP Communications

“The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public.”
Roscoe Drummond